Project 9 Portfolio

Portfolio (

Project Corrections / Time spent: 2.5 hours

Message: Pages for my portfolio

Audience: Anyone that will be looking at the my portfolio

Top Thing Learned: I want to make sure that my portfolio is professional as well as showed off my design skills.

Future application of Visual Media: I am going to use this portfolio for future job interviews and other opportunities as well.

Color scheme and color names: Complementary – Peach – Olive Green

Title Font Name & Category: Caviar Dream Bold – Modern

Copy Font Name & Category: Caviar Dream – Modern

Thumbnails of Images used: 6bb4bb7b776fa41f0b340be84087e8f5 - Copy (2) 77a5aca114b44905a6fbb464cb0f3a5f-1 - Copy (2) 86d0fabec46e53477a3898087b6f9145 - Copy (2) d1853ab32520266aad0da30da1d3e943 - Copy large tumblr_mgdiwhlZHh1qb66m5o1_500 tumblr_mnllfbLnz51r3lb7ro1_500



Project 8 Brochure

P8-EmrenFogle-Front-Back P8-EmrenFogle-Inside

Description: This week we designed a brochure. I created a fake cafe and designed the entire brochure.

Process: I first sketched some ideas of brochures that I wanted to do. I then sketched some logos that could have worked for the cafe. I designed a few in Illustrator and came out with the one on the brochure. Next I made the brochure layout in Indesign.  I went through three different layouts and finally came out with this one.

Message: Any  one that wants a cute, hipster cafe to chill in.

Audience: Young adults mostly.

Top Thing Learned: I learned that it is important to print as many times as you can! Sometimes my alignment was off and things came out blurry. So my advice would be to print often and leave enough time to make corrections.

Color scheme and color names: I did a Big Split Complementary. I used Indigo, Violet, Teal and Gold

Title Font Name & Category: Hickory Jack- Script

Copy Font Name & Category:Caviar Dream- Modern

Word Count of copy:318

Thumbnails of Images used:

f00474a258d46a06cb7f530d4f74a836 e0af6380073fb9a6c0f0ca3feea5d88a cafe1 bd9c1c23127441b09c857cb425e3633d b1e1016f5bc7ae29085975e0c3ed9670 791040b8cd155bd100da93d1c062a6d8 752139a2aa9b6a31fc61f3b5a3d3980e 7d3ff3898cddda1c2ef203e95edd3970 5c688adb1e2f86b66b85c05689554c3a 3de594554d244664397669e2e29938fa 1e9ddc6287969596936933b72ad3d058

Sources (Links to images on original websites)


Project 7 Web Page


Description: I created a webpage using HTML and CSS. We learned how to start an HTML then design it using CSS.

Process: I used Notepad++ to design the HTML. First we learned how to do and HTML then the next week learned how to add CSS onto the page to make it look better. I Googled just about everything on how to do HTML and CSS. I am not proficient in it whatsoever but I now know the basics.

Message: This whole webpage is designed to show the process I used when creating the logo.

Audience: My brothers company as well as anyone else that would like a design like this one.

Top Thing Learned: I am not very good at HTML of CSS yet but now I know the basics which is more that I did at the beginning of this assignment. I learned that Google can really be your best friend when trying to use HTML and CSS. Also sometimes things don’t go the way you want it to but you can adjust and that is ok.

Color scheme and color hex(s): Monochromatic – Indigo #2f2e7f  and #4a4877 – Grey #939693

Title Font Families & Category: Fjalla one – Sans serif

Copy Font Families & Category: Optima – Sans serif

Changes made to the CSS: I adjusted just about everything. I changed colors, fonts, background, placements of things and so on.

Word Count: 400 words

Project 6 Stationery

P6EmrenFogle P6EmrenFogle2


Description: I made a business card and matching stationery to go along with it.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): For our guidelines this week we had to design a business card with a personally designed logo made in Illustrator. I created the logo in Illustrator and used the Pathfinder tool to get the look I wanted. I then placed the logo and the secondary logo into Indesign and began creating the business cards and letterhead. I used a split complementary color scheme and began designing. I  went through many ideas and some malfunctions with the computer and eventually came out with this design!

Message: Build-Rite Construction Inc. my father’s construction company.

Audience: anyone who needs handy work done.

Top Thing Learned: I learned that a third time’s a charm. I began working on this project but I had a computer malfunction twice! So I finally came out with the best one I did! I learned how to keep it simple and professional.

Color scheme and color names: Split- complimentary Blue – Brick – Gold

Title Font Name & Category: American Captain – Decorative

Copy Font Name & Category: Epoca Classic – San Serif

Project 5 Logos


  1. Description: For this weeks activity we designed Logos. My brother needed a logo done for his business he is starting so I said I could try it for him. We sketched some ideas out then I started designing in Adobe Illustrator. At first it was a little tricky to figure some things out but I got a hang of it by the end.
  2. Process : I designed in Adobe Illustrator and learned how to use the basics of it.
  3. Message: The company is a homemade furniture out of barn wood, and I wanted to make it simple and neat.
  4. Audience: People who buy the furniture.
  5. Top Thing Learned: I learned that what I think is not always the best. It is a little difficult at time to please a client. You have to work together and put your personal opinion behind you if the client likes something else.
  6. Color Scheme and Color Names: Monochromatic with Indigo
  7. Title / Body Font Names & Categories: Chardons – Script and Centi – San Serif

Project 4 Montage


Description: This week our assignment was to make a montage of images. Our goal was to get the two images to blend and become one. We used some typography to bring a spiritual message to the project.

Process: I designed this is photoshop and it took me forever three tries to come out with this. I found some photos that worked the best for the sketches/ideas I had. I brought the pictures into Photoshop and designed on an 8.5×11. I lassoed around the picture of Christ and feathered it 100. I dragged the photo onto the ocean image and began working with the tools to make them blend together. Afterwards I choose some different fonts and created the message. I varied the size, fonts, and color to create an eye catching look.

Message: That the Lord is there to save any one.

Audience: Anyone who knows the story of Peter walking on water, or the people who need saved by the Lord.

Top Thing Learned: I learned how to blend the images together, and how to correctly use the typography.

Filter / Colorization used and where it was applied: I used the sharpen tool to bring the image of Christ clearer. I deluded the apostles in the back a little to being Christ and Peter into focus.

Color scheme and color names: Complimentary color — Blue and Orange

Title Font Name & Category:Kaushan Script Regular – Script

Copy Font Name & Category: Oswald Medium – San Serif

Thumbnails of Images used



Sources (Links to images on original websites / with title of site):


Project 3 Photodesign


Description: This project is to help up improve out photography skills as well as editing the photos. We had to design a poster that had a color scheme as well as a picture we took and edited.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills, FOCUS principles): I sketched out some idea of posters I wanted to use. After I did that I choose a color scheme that I wanted to use. I used the Visual Focus book for ideas on the color scheme.  I choose to do a Big Split Complimentary scheme. After I choose the color scheme I set up this picture to match it somewhat. I edited the picture in Photoshop. I adjusted the levels, vibrance, selective color, and sharpened a few areas.

I began designing the poster. I started by opening an 8.5X11 file and put my picture in it. I looked at my sketches and began incorporating my ideas. Our criteria for the project was to have a title, some words, a picture we took. and a color scheme with swatches of the the colors we used. When I was first designing I felt something was off, but after talking to a few people about it I come out with this design. I love it!

Message: I wanted a homey feel for my design. I feel like the kitchen is the best place in the home so I wanted get the message across that anyone can cook if they tried. It is  a motivational message.

Audience: Anyone that has a passion to cook or even the smallest desire to learn.

Top Thing Learned: I learned that if I feel like something is missing then keep messing around until I love the design. I learned how to properly edit photos to make them look correct and stand out.

Color scheme and color names: Big Split Complimentary –> Lime, Brick, Gold, and Indigo

Title Font Name & Category: Shoreline – Script

Copy Font Name & Category: Franklin Gothic – San Serif

Thumbnail of original, unedited image inserted


Date and location you took the photo(s) February 2nd, 2016 — my home

P3 Activity: Photography



Light 1 – Outside


Light 2 – Inside


Focus 1 – Foreground


Focus 2 – Background


Composition 1 – Thirds


Composition 2 – Lead Room

I enjoyed this activity to see what I could do with a camera. I haven’t had much practice with cameras but I really hope to get the hang out it sometime. I had fun experimenting the different settings to see which would work the best. Some turned out great and others were ok.

I liked editing the photos with Photoshop so now I know how to do touch ups. I hope some day that I can get a little better in that as well. I have room for improvement that is for sure but I am excited to see what I can learn in the future. I hope to get the hang of taking pictures and working photoshop.  I guess practice makes perfect!

Project 2 Event Ad

P2EmrenFogle-page-001 (1)


Description: This is an event add that I created. A company that sells hiking gear is trying to raise money for Shriner’s Hospital. The company is a fake company. 
Process (Programs, Tools, Skills, FOCUS principles):
I first sketched out some ideas to do then got started. I tried one thing at first but soon found out that what I wanted couldn’t work in word. So I scratched the idea and went with a different one. It is completely done with Microsoft Word. I tried to use repetition and gestalt to draw colors and everything together to unify them.
Message: Raise money for the children in Shriner’s Hospital. 
Hikers, and everyone that want to hike to Table Rock and back. 
Color scheme and color names: 
Analogous – Green, Lime, Yellow
Top Thing Learned:
That if your first idea doesn’t work then it is ok. All you need to do I rethink and start again. 
Title Font Name & Category:
Ostrich San – Slab Serif 
Copy Font Name & Category:
NSimSun – San Serif
Scanned images used, sources, original sizes, location of scanner used:
I went to the Alps this fall and took this picture. I printed out and scanned it in. The original size is a 4×6. I used my scanner at my home.

Project 1 Flier


Description: A black and white flier promoting the Graduate Leadership Conference.

Process: First, I created a sketch of some layouts for the project. After I created a few, I choose which one would stand out and have the message at the same time. I then started designing it in InDesign. I was given the image, logo and content for this project. I used the same fonts to create unity. I used the circles for repetition. I also used a different font to emphasize what the conference was about.

Message: The message I am trying to get across is to the recent graduates that may need some help with getting a job. This conference will provide them with some skills that could help with get them their dream job.  

Audience: Recently graduated or graduating Seniors. 

Top Thing Learned: I learned the importance of flow.

Title Font Name & Category: Bebas – San Serif

Copy Font Name & Category: Courier New – Slab Serif

Links to images used in this project: