I had some opportunities to enter some contest this semester. I entered three different contest with I received a few awards, more like honorable mentions, which I thought was cool. Here are the images I submitted to the different contest.

I enterd a contest because it seemed easy. I found a contest called ‘Unedited.’ The guidelines were the image had to be a true image with no edits. The subject could be anything. I was looking through my pictures and found the one below. It is one of my favorites and it really isn’t edited! I entered the contest in November 2016.

I entered this image below to a contest called ‘Moutain Shapes.’ I took this picture at Bannack, Montana when we went for a school photo excursion. I love how the river curves in and out of the picture and how the sky looks. This image is a HDR image where I got three exposures then masked them in Photoshop. I entered the contest on December 6, 2016.


I took this image in the Swiss Alps when I was there in October 2015. We were exploring the town of Murren and the other towns in that area of the Alps and on the way down to a different town I snapped this picture. Swiss cows were right behind the fence in the image. I was lucky to get this shot because it was cloudy for most the morning until it reached noon! I entered the ‘Around the World’ contest on on December 6, 2016.











Photobook – Front/Back Cover, TOC, Professional Page, and Spread

I decided to get a head start on my photo book project. I am very excited to see this book come together so I can use it in my future interview. This is a great way to all my work shown.

I created my cover (front and back), the table of content, my professional page, and one spread. I did most of the designing in InDesign and a few things in Illustrator. Take a look!


Front Cover


Back Cover


Table of Content


Professional Page



Bannack Creative

At Bannack we had the chance to try levitation photos. I am happy with how mine turned out. I wish I would have shot a few at a different angle and poses. I really enjoyed the skills I developed. Below are some abstract pictures and out of the box shots. I tried to find cool angles or tried to get photos no one else would have. I edited these images in Photoshop. For the levitation I used the mask tool to take away the bench. For the rest of the pictures I did some minor editing.


img_2300 img_2301


Abstract Photography





Out of the Box Photography




Bannack Fine Art

At Bannack we were assigned to do some bracketing shots. I was a little nervous at first but once I understood how to bracket it was easy! I really enjoyed this assignment. I got mostly landscapes and a few windows. I wish I would have shot more objects while at Bannack. Below are the edited HDR photos. I edited them in Photoshop. I used the masking tool and the adjustment layers for these images. emrenfogle_river

emrenfogle_cabin emrenfogle_classroomwindow emrenfogle_bridgeemrenfogle_windowview

Bannack Portraits

We went to Bannack, Montana for a photo shoot. We practiced techniques with different light sources and also gained experience working with models. I really enjoyed the time I had there! I know I have improved my skills from the beginning of the semester up to now. Below are some of the portraits I did at Bannack. I also did a ghosting image which was fun to try.


Off Camera Flash


Strobe/LED Lights


Outdoor Light


Outdoor Light


Strobe Light

Ghosting Image


Other Portraits


Outdoor Light


Off Camera Flash


Strobe/LED Light


Portraits and Enhancements

I had a hard time this week with getting models for the shots I needed. Thankfully people close to me were willing to help out. The first few images are my portraits. I got posed the model, adjusted my camera settings and then snapped the picture. I did some minor editing in Photoshop and Lightroom.

Side Composition




Full Body


Group Candid


Group Posed



img_0010 img_0042

These next few photos I did some editing to.

For this image I took some of the blemishes off of her face in Lightroom.


I followed a tutorial on how to Match Color in Photoshop. The first image is the image that I edited to make the color pop more. The two thumbnails are the image I matched the colors with and the original photo.


img_9661     img_9618

For the next image I used the replaced the color of her shirt. This was by far the most difficult thing I have done in Photoshop in a while but I am glad I learned how to do it. It could use some more work but I figured it out.




Reflectors were a little hare for me at first because I didn’t know what I was doing. After a little practice I got the feel for it down. I asked my roommate if she could come model for me and tested the reflectors. It wasn’t super bright outside so I did a little adjusting with my settings and ISO.

I first used the silver reflector to brighten her face a little more. I had a friend hold the reflector on the right and put it somewhat close to her face. I adjusted the layers a little in Photoshop.

Silver Reflector

I used the gold reflector for this shot (which is my favorite)! The gold lit her face up perfectly. I adjusted the colors in Photoshop to brighten the effect a little more.  I love it with the reflector.


Gold Reflector

Gold Reflector

The photo is the same as the one above but without the reflector.

Without Reflector

Without Reflector

For this shot I used the black reflector. I tried using the other reflectors but I couldn’t tell a huge difference. I used the black to darken the light just a little to get some contrast on her face. I really like how it turned out! I adjusted the colors a little in Photoshop to make her sweater and the black of her hair pop out more.

Black Reflector

Black Reflector

Macro Photography

I found a log at my house and I took a picture of the contrasting light and dark wood. I used lens filter to get the macro effect. I brought the image into Photoshop and adjusted the lighting just a bit. I also used the burn tool to bring out the dark parts on the white a little more.

I love the colors in this shot. I used macro lens filters to get the macro effect. I really love sunflowers and wanted to capture the texture of the leaves protecting the flower. I brought this image into Photoshop and brought out the colors just a bit using the adjustment layer.

For this shot I dropped a drop of water from a eyedropper onto the leaf. It moved down a little and I captured it before it dropped completely off the leaf. I used macro lens filters. I love the contrasting color of the green leave and the pink background. I used the burn tool in Photoshop to bring out the green and pink in the image. I also cleaned the water trail that the first drop left. I used the cloning stamp to do that.

This image was a surprise to me. I was trying to adjust my settings on my camera and took this picture and I loved how well it turned out. The pink carnation is so vibrant that the water drop stands out. I used macro lens filters. I did very little editing to this image. I opened Photoshop and brought the pink out more with the adjustment layer.

Other Macro Pictures





Perspective of 12

This week required some creativity. I took one object and took a picture of it from 12 different angles. I was challenged but I like the outcome. I tried other objects before I decided to photograph the Himalayan Salt Lamp that I got a few months ago. I love the texture of the lamp and wanted to see if I could capture that. I did some basic editing in Photoshop. I took out some things in the background as well as adjusted the colors a little. The images below are the top 7 I really liked.








With this image, I added a texture from on the wall in the back. I first choose the image I wanted to add the texture to, and found a texture that would flow well with the image. I brought the image and texture into Photoshop. After duplicating the image I added the texture to it. I used the mask layer tool to add the texture to the background. I used the brush tool at a low opacity to get the effect of the concrete texture to blend into the wall. I used a variety of opacity strengths to give it a natural look. I am still practicing on adding texture.


With the remaining images I created a collage of the images. I brought all the images into Photoshop and opened a blank document. I began adding the images to the page and used the grid to align all of the images. I had a few issues at first but I like how it turned out. I wanted to add some text onto the image so I found a font to use that added to the project.