I had some opportunities to enter some contest this semester. I entered three different contest with I received a few awards, more like honorable mentions, which I thought was cool. Here are the images I submitted to the different contest.

I enterd a contest because it seemed easy. I found a contest called ‘Unedited.’ The guidelines were the image had to be a true image with no edits. The subject could be anything. I was looking through my pictures and found the one below. It is one of my favorites and it really isn’t edited! I entered the contest in November 2016.

I entered this image below to a contest called ‘Moutain Shapes.’ I took this picture at Bannack, Montana when we went for a school photo excursion. I love how the river curves in and out of the picture and how the sky looks. This image is a HDR image where I got three exposures then masked them in Photoshop. I entered the contest on December 6, 2016.


I took this image in the Swiss Alps when I was there in October 2015. We were exploring the town of Murren and the other towns in that area of the Alps and on the way down to a different town I snapped this picture. Swiss cows were right behind the fence in the image. I was lucky to get this shot because it was cloudy for most the morning until it reached noon! I entered the ‘Around the World’ contest on on December 6, 2016.











Photobook – Front/Back Cover, TOC, Professional Page, and Spread

I decided to get a head start on my photo book project. I am very excited to see this book come together so I can use it in my future interview. This is a great way to all my work shown.

I created my cover (front and back), the table of content, my professional page, and one spread. I did most of the designing in InDesign and a few things in Illustrator. Take a look!


Front Cover


Back Cover


Table of Content


Professional Page



Bannack Creative

At Bannack we had the chance to try levitation photos. I am happy with how mine turned out. I wish I would have shot a few at a different angle and poses. I really enjoyed the skills I developed. Below are some abstract pictures and out of the box shots. I tried to find cool angles or tried to get photos no one else would have. I edited these images in Photoshop. For the levitation I used the mask tool to take away the bench. For the rest of the pictures I did some minor editing.


img_2300 img_2301


Abstract Photography





Out of the Box Photography




Bannack Fine Art

At Bannack we were assigned to do some bracketing shots. I was a little nervous at first but once I understood how to bracket it was easy! I really enjoyed this assignment. I got mostly landscapes and a few windows. I wish I would have shot more objects while at Bannack. Below are the edited HDR photos. I edited them in Photoshop. I used the masking tool and the adjustment layers for these images. emrenfogle_river

emrenfogle_cabin emrenfogle_classroomwindow emrenfogle_bridgeemrenfogle_windowview

Bannack Portraits

We went to Bannack, Montana for a photo shoot. We practiced techniques with different light sources and also gained experience working with models. I really enjoyed the time I had there! I know I have improved my skills from the beginning of the semester up to now. Below are some of the portraits I did at Bannack. I also did a ghosting image which was fun to try.


Off Camera Flash


Strobe/LED Lights


Outdoor Light


Outdoor Light


Strobe Light

Ghosting Image


Other Portraits


Outdoor Light


Off Camera Flash


Strobe/LED Light


Portraits and Enhancements

I had a hard time this week with getting models for the shots I needed. Thankfully people close to me were willing to help out. The first few images are my portraits. I got posed the model, adjusted my camera settings and then snapped the picture. I did some minor editing in Photoshop and Lightroom.

Side Composition




Full Body


Group Candid


Group Posed



img_0010 img_0042

These next few photos I did some editing to.

For this image I took some of the blemishes off of her face in Lightroom.


I followed a tutorial on how to Match Color in Photoshop. The first image is the image that I edited to make the color pop more. The two thumbnails are the image I matched the colors with and the original photo.


img_9661     img_9618

For the next image I used the replaced the color of her shirt. This was by far the most difficult thing I have done in Photoshop in a while but I am glad I learned how to do it. It could use some more work but I figured it out.




Reflectors were a little hare for me at first because I didn’t know what I was doing. After a little practice I got the feel for it down. I asked my roommate if she could come model for me and tested the reflectors. It wasn’t super bright outside so I did a little adjusting with my settings and ISO.

I first used the silver reflector to brighten her face a little more. I had a friend hold the reflector on the right and put it somewhat close to her face. I adjusted the layers a little in Photoshop.

Silver Reflector

I used the gold reflector for this shot (which is my favorite)! The gold lit her face up perfectly. I adjusted the colors in Photoshop to brighten the effect a little more.  I love it with the reflector.


Gold Reflector

Gold Reflector

The photo is the same as the one above but without the reflector.

Without Reflector

Without Reflector

For this shot I used the black reflector. I tried using the other reflectors but I couldn’t tell a huge difference. I used the black to darken the light just a little to get some contrast on her face. I really like how it turned out! I adjusted the colors a little in Photoshop to make her sweater and the black of her hair pop out more.

Black Reflector

Black Reflector

A Beginners Guide for First Time Adventurers


Have you ever had a dream that you wish you could achieve but you know that it is rather difficult to accomplish? That was me. I have always loved to travel. I had traveled all over the United States but never to another country.  One day I applied to the study abroad program at Brigham Young University-Idaho. I was accepted! I never thought that I could travel to Europe. It was a dream but I never imagined that it would be a reality. I have the form of traveling in the states down but traveling in Europe was a whole different story. I looked up packing tutorials and top ten places to visit to see if I could learn as much as I could before going. Here are the top ten thing I wish I would have known before leaving for Europe.


1) Plan your Outfits
Layer. Layer. Layer. This was probably the number one thing I read in all of the other top ten facts about Europe. I picked articles of clothing that would go with everything I had in my suitcase. Let me tell you. It was a life saver! I knew that no matter what I wore they would go together. You could wear layers which would help in case the weather tends to be unpredictable which brings me to my next point.

2) Be Prepared for Anything
The weather doesn’t answer to anyone. Here is a story. While in Venice I planned for some rain but what I didn’t judge was how much. The entire day I was in Venice the rain never stopped. It rained the entire day. I wasn’t as prepared as I should have been. I had my raincoat but within an hour I broke down and bought an umbrella. The streets and squares were so flooded that they brought out risers for people to walk on. I loved it because I got to see Venice in a new way and that way was under two feet of water. I was soaked by the end of the day. Be prepared for anything.

3) Research Universal Adapterseuropicsecond
I can never say this enough. RESEARCH GOOD ADAPTERS. I did some semi research when I was looking to buy an adapter for the plugs in Europe and I wish I would have done better research. When we got to London and into the place we were staying, I found out that the adapter I bought wasn’t the right one. I had no idea what to do. Gratefully someone in my tour group had an extra that she let me borrow. Seriously get a universal adapter no matter what the cost.

4) Tourist Bag
Please, please, please don’t bring a huge bag to pack all of your stuff in. A little backpack will do just fine. I had a bag that I carried with me everywhere. I thought I was going to need all of the stuff in my bag and I kept adding to it throughout the day. By the end of the day I wanted to chuck the bag off the side of a cliff. Bring a small bag with the necessities.


5) Passport
Always have your passport on you. This would be the second thing that I found in all the other travel top ten lists. There was a time when my group was on the bus and we were crossing the border from Germany to Switzerland when we were stopped and asked who was on the bus. (This was when the refugees were trying to cross the borders) Most of us were prepared by having out passports out, but one of the students left his in his passport under the bus. Thankfully the officer let us through without having us show our passports but could you imagine having to pull over and find the passport? Always have your passport. It is easier.

6) Take pictures
My number one advice would be to take pictures. Take so many pictures that you have thousands. My biggest regret is that I didn’t want to be like a typical tourist that I took only the pictures that I thought I would want later. Boy…was I wrong! I wish I would have taken double the pictures I did. I remember the places I visited because I journaled every day but I wish I had more pictures.

europicfood7) Food
The food in Europe is phenomenal! I have never had such a good sandwich in my life. Find the little pastry shops or the random little sandwich shops right off the street. I had some of the best food from those places. I went to a nice sit down restaurant in Paris and honestly I wasn’t impressed. I loved the homemade soup that a lady from Austria cooked for my group. I really felt like I was getting the European experience. Go to the groceries stores instead of eating out all the time. I saved so much money and got to feel like a local by going to the store to buy meal for the next day or just snacks for the bus right. BUY CHOCOLATE. I blew $170 just on chocolate. I was very satisfied. If you have never had European chocolate something is definitely wrong in your life. You will never go back to American chocolate.

8) Try to Do Everything on Your List
I had a list of things that I wanted to do while in Europe and I did most of them but die to time and the group I was with I wasn’t able to do all of them. I wish I did. I didn’t ride a gondola because I thought it was too expensive. I never went to Oxford Street because my group and I decided to do something else and ran out of time. I didn’t hike to the top of the area of the Alps we were in because we thought we didn’t have enough time. I regret some of those moments. I wish I would have taken the time to do the things on my bucket list. Do everything that you want to do because you may never know when you will get this opportunity again. Don’t feel bad that you don’t get everything done. Pick your top two and visit those places before the others.
9) Meet Peopleeuropiclast
Go to the park, the store, anywhere and meet people. In Amsterdam a group of us asked one of the locals about a good place to visit in Amsterdam and he told us that there was a hidden tree house/ jungle gym in the park. He pointed us in the right direction and we went searching. We found the tree house and explored the area for hours. It is one of my fondest memories of Amsterdam. We also had the opportunity to attend church with a YSA branch in Paris where we met some fantastic people who shared with us what it was like to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Paris. In turn we shared with them.

10) Embrace the Unknown
There are moments in Europe that you may seem confused (especially when navigating the tube) and a little anxious because of the unknown. Embrace it. Embrace that you don’t know the language or that you have no idea how to ride a bike like a true Amsterdamian.Embrace that you may not like the pasta in Italy but you ate an entire pizza yourself. Last of all, embrace that you have this incredible opportunity that you may never have again. Know that you will come home and face reality again so don’t regret one moment. Live in the moment and know that you when you come home you will be changed.

Macro Photography

I found a log at my house and I took a picture of the contrasting light and dark wood. I used lens filter to get the macro effect. I brought the image into Photoshop and adjusted the lighting just a bit. I also used the burn tool to bring out the dark parts on the white a little more.

I love the colors in this shot. I used macro lens filters to get the macro effect. I really love sunflowers and wanted to capture the texture of the leaves protecting the flower. I brought this image into Photoshop and brought out the colors just a bit using the adjustment layer.

For this shot I dropped a drop of water from a eyedropper onto the leaf. It moved down a little and I captured it before it dropped completely off the leaf. I used macro lens filters. I love the contrasting color of the green leave and the pink background. I used the burn tool in Photoshop to bring out the green and pink in the image. I also cleaned the water trail that the first drop left. I used the cloning stamp to do that.

This image was a surprise to me. I was trying to adjust my settings on my camera and took this picture and I loved how well it turned out. The pink carnation is so vibrant that the water drop stands out. I used macro lens filters. I did very little editing to this image. I opened Photoshop and brought the pink out more with the adjustment layer.

Other Macro Pictures