I had some opportunities to enter some contest this semester. I entered three different contest with I received a few awards, more like honorable mentions, which I thought was cool. Here are the images I submitted to the different contest.

I enterd a contest because it seemed easy. I found a contest called ‘Unedited.’ The guidelines were the image had to be a true image with no edits. The subject could be anything. I was looking through my pictures and found the one below. It is one of my favorites and it really isn’t edited! I entered the contest in November 2016.

I entered this image below to a contest called ‘Moutain Shapes.’ I took this picture at Bannack, Montana when we went for a school photo excursion. I love how the river curves in and out of the picture and how the sky looks. This image is a HDR image where I got three exposures then masked them in Photoshop. I entered the contest on December 6, 2016.


I took this image in the Swiss Alps when I was there in October 2015. We were exploring the town of Murren and the other towns in that area of the Alps and on the way down to a different town I snapped this picture. Swiss cows were right behind the fence in the image. I was lucky to get this shot because it was cloudy for most the morning until it reached noon! I entered the ‘Around the World’ contest on on December 6, 2016.











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