Random Photos

I am not sure what to classify these images as. There are some outdoor shots and some indoor shots. I love seeing the little details in the world around me. I am learning more and more everyday I take pictures.



I had some opportunities to enter some contest this semester. I entered three different contest with Viewbug.com. I received a few awards, more like honorable mentions, which I thought was cool. Here are the images I submitted to the different contest.

I enterd a viewbug.com contest because it seemed easy. I found a contest called ‘Unedited.’ The guidelines were the image had to be a true image with no edits. The subject could be anything. I was looking through my pictures and found the one below. It is one of my favorites and it really isn’t edited! I entered the contest in November 2016. https://www.viewbug.com/contests/unedited-photo-contest-vol3/gallery?new&join

I entered this image below to a viewbug.com contest called ‘Moutain Shapes.’ I took this picture at Bannack, Montana when we went for a school photo excursion. I love how the river curves in and out of the picture and how the sky looks. This image is a HDR image where I got three exposures then masked them in Photoshop. I entered the contest on December 6, 2016.


I took this image in the Swiss Alps when I was there in October 2015. We were exploring the town of Murren and the other towns in that area of the Alps and on the way down to a different town I snapped this picture. Swiss cows were right behind the fence in the image. I was lucky to get this shot because it was cloudy for most the morning until it reached noon! I entered the ‘Around the World’ contest on viewbug.com on December 6, 2016. https://www.viewbug.com/contests/around-the-world-photo-contest-by-discovery/gallery?new&join











I wanted to do something with all of the work that I have done this semester in my class. For the final assignment we were to create a photo book that we can use in the future. I loved this assignment. I really wanted to ad my style to the pictures I took throughout the semester. I designed the pages in InDesign. I edited all of the image in either Photoshop or Lightroom. I complied all of the images and printed the book through MyPublisher. I was very happy with the outcome! Click below to view my photo book!

Link to my photo book

7 Tips on Posing People – Tutorial


At the beginning of the semster I was very bad a posing people. I didn’y know anything until I learned in class. After that quick run down on how to pose people I realized that I wanted to be better at it. I looked up tips and tricks other photographers like to use when posing people. There is a difference between posing men and women so do some research when posing men. I focused on posing women because they tend to want pictures taken more than men.






Fine Art Print

I took this picture at Bannack, Montana when we were there for class. I was taking pictures from my typography assignment. This was one of the last pictures I took when we were there.  I did some minor editing in Photoshop. The original image is darker compared to the edited picture because I knew it would print darker.  I edited out the white spots on the window to make the windows look better in the final print. I also sharpened the image so when it printed it would be clear. I chose this image because I love the contrast of the dark wood and the light. I love the window and how it really stands out.

Original Photo


Edited Photo




Top 5 Photos

Here are my top 5 photos from the semester. I really enjoyed learning new skills and practicing different techniques. The class has really helped me grow into a better photographer which I know I will use for the rest of my life. I really like landscape photography and macro shots. Below are a few examples of a landscapes I took in Bannack, Montana as well as window images, and some macro shots I took during the semester.

emrenfogle_burnt emrenfogle_river emrenfogle_sunflower emrenfogle_singlewindowemrenfogle_windowview

Photobook – Front/Back Cover, TOC, Professional Page, and Spread

I decided to get a head start on my photo book project. I am very excited to see this book come together so I can use it in my future interview. This is a great way to all my work shown.

I created my cover (front and back), the table of content, my professional page, and one spread. I did most of the designing in InDesign and a few things in Illustrator. Take a look!


Front Cover


Back Cover


Table of Content


Professional Page